Sunday, January 31, 2010

The categories of an “amel”


First of all, I’d like to tell you something about “amel” and “magicians”. Any amel or magician, who has great knowledge or “roohaniyat”
Can do almost anything with the help of his “ilem” or knowledge, and casting small spells are not a big deal for him.
A magician will only cast that spell which he has either learnt from his master, or which is in his knowledge.

First, I will tell you about the categories of “amel”

1) Are those amels who use only the quraanic verses and sura’s for doing their spellsl and azmeyat.(angels spells)

2) Then there are those amels who use the 99 names of Allah for doing their “amal”(spell), and such an amel is called “Zaakir”

3) Then there is one who uses “nakash” (Images/Scripts/Illustrations) also called “taveez” and this is also a very high knowledge.

4) Then there are those “amils” who use “Ilme-e-Jaffer”

5) There is another type of amel, who uses “elim-e-Adat” (numbers sptrituality)for doing his spells, and he has power over “number”

6) Another type of Amel uses astrology as a source, and he has great power over it, and whoever has this knowledge, he can always do
Great “Amal” with it and is never mistaken.  He can tell the future using his astrological powers.

One who possesses this Ilem too has a high position, in Amils and they can control the stars and their “Mokilat” (angels). But this kind of knowledge can only reveal what the future possibilities are, but they cannot be 100% definite.
They may tell many things about someone, but out of all those, only some may become true, and some other may not. People who believe in the stars go to such astrologers and they tell them things that hardly come true.
But only whatever Allah wills, happens. Such knowledge can only reveal the probability of something happening. Only the “Wali” of Allah can predict the future.

7) There is that amil who controls his “Hamzad” (shadow) and makes him work for him.
He does not do any amal(spell) himself, but only orders his Hamzad(shadow) for carrying out tasks for him.

8) Then there is an amil who controls the “Alam-e-Arva” which includes the jinn, Hamzad, Paryaan, deyo, Hakel, Mokel, Bair and many other creatures.
He can control the jinn and even their king, and orders them around, and in turn,
The amel too has to do something for them, only then the jinn carry out the orders of the amil.

And if the amil don’t do what the jinn ask them, in turn, so they can even punish the amil.
Similarly, they control the Mokal, or their king, and it’s very hard to control them,
as for that reason they have to keep fast and do all that is good and keep themselves from doing all that is bad and doing such a thing is todays times is very hard.
Once the amil gets a hold of the mokal, he requests them to carry out some tasks for him and then he just sits back and watches while the mokal does everything for him. The amil asks the king of mokal to send some of his workers for him help, and the mokal clearly tells him not to use them for doing wrong.
Mokal has the power to even destroy jinn, but the jinn cannot hurt mokal. Even the king of jinnat is no match for the mokel.

9) there is one type of amil who is the “Wali or Buzarg” of all the amils, and he has “mokel kodse” that is very hard to capture, and only that amil who keeps fast all year long and is close to Allah, and does not care a bit for the world and who loves Allah and the Prophet PBUH, he can control that mokel. And he does not miss even a single prayer, for example, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, Khuwaja Ghareeb Nawaz, Abdullah Shah Ghazi, Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh, Ghos Pak Dastageer and many more pious people. They were the people who were visited by the jinnat and fairies, for telling them, their problems and these pious people would help them out. They are so close to Allah that when they say something, it is heard, and their wishes are granted. They live in places where there are no people and they are busy in praising Allah all the time. They are the ones who know what the future holds. Even the magicians cannot harm them. If a magician tries to harm them, that magician is inturned hurt so badly that he dies in the streets or stays sick and lives in a very bad condition.

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