Friday, January 29, 2010

Amal Nad_e_Ali

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  1. Yaqooti NAQSH (Talisman) always known to present different products to its customers and members, We have brought a different product today . You remember

    the old days, when you sit in Khalwat and recite a method to capturing, conjuring and the jinn (djinn). The 40 days Chillah & sometimes 90 days becomes a headache with so many rules. Today made it as easy as you never imagined. After the success of Yaqooti Ring we have launched Yaqooti NAQSH. The special Yaqooti NAQSH has the powers to capture any jinn, D-jinn, Arwah & Muakalan, Khuddam & Hamzaad. The Yaqooti NAQSH comes with a specialized Method , Now you just need to wear the NAQSH in neck or keep with you & recite the Wird 500 times daily for 7 Days. That’s it. You will get for what you will doing it, even its D-jinn, Hamzad or any muakal it will be under your directions. No need to do commitment with anyone. If you have the Yaqooti NAQSH so you have the Taskheer. Whenever you wish to use it wear the NAQSH in neck or keep it with you & recite the wird 21 times and it will appear.

    For the further information and prices please contact us.


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